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How to clean laptop bag?[ 12-28 11:12 ]
infected computer package of oil available in the cleaning detergent scrub grease Department, either black, deep red and other colored fabric detergent lightly.
Pay attention to what matters when using travel bag?[ 12-28 11:07 ]
Travel bags when not in use the product within the package match some clean newspaper or toilet paper, so you can guarantee a good is not easily deformed.
How to care for travel bag?[ 12-28 10:57 ]
Store the box in place do not humid, so as to prevent the box moldy taste.Trolley surface if dirty, do not use bleach when cleaning with bleach or detergent composition, especially for high-end leather bags.
How to buy a briefcase?[ 12-28 10:33 ]
Choose the best color uniform and apparel briefcase, briefcase color due to relatively monotonous, so black with a dark suit, yellow or brown with a light-colored suit better.
How to care for jewelry box?[ 12-28 10:27 ]
First, the jewelry box shall be kept in a place with air circulation.Second, do not let the jewelry box violent direct irradiation in the sun.
How to buy a laptop bag?[ 12-28 10:22 ]
Business computer bag computer compartment and file compartments; computer bag more consideration to the protection of the computer.
Pay attention to what the details of the purchase trolley?[ 12-28 10:09 ]
Wheel is part of a detail of the trolley, but it is also a very important part. If you have problems with trolley wheels on the way, it will make your journey a bit unpleasant; if you need to carry a long distance, the hand can not stand.
How to care for leather goods?[ 12-28 10:01 ]
Each leather goods care has different characteristics, so they need different methods of care and use of appropriate care.
How to identify natural leather and artificial leather?[ 12-28 09:58 ]
Visual identification method: first from the pattern, and other aspects of the leather pores to distinguish, on the surface of natural leather can see the pattern, the existence of pores and unevenly distributed.
How to care backpack?[ 12-28 09:52 ]
Storage location: Save dry, non-corrosive and contact at the appropriate ventilation.
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