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How to clean laptop bag?

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First, the grease treatment:

a. Infected computer package of oil available in the cleaning detergent scrub grease Department, either black, deep red and other colored fabric detergent lightly.

b. White fabric available in more dilute bleach solution (1:10 dilution) directly toothbrush grease can be removed.

c. Soaked with detergent 10 minutes (plus pot of water to put 6 drops of detergent, stir), further conventional treatment.

d. Be diluted before cleaning with a toothbrush dampened with oxalic acid to clean the pollution, then routine treatment.

Second, the pen trace removal method

a. There are color fabric pen trace, can be 95 percent alcohol treatment.

b. In the pre-cleaning, Amway (or painted some egg white) direct brush handwriting, not cleaning the bathroom, parking five minutes after conventional treatment.

Third, the fabric faded treatment (except black fabric)

With brine soak for a minute, and then replaced with saline water, soapy water and a soft brush evenly with lightly.

Fourth, mildew treatment

40 degrees with warm, soapy water soak for 10 minutes, then routine treatment. The white fabric laptop bag can be soaked in soapy water after use, place the mold in the sun to dry for 10 minutes, then routine treatment.

Five, fabric dyeing processing method

a. Fabrics dyed denim blue when severe, can be the first soap when washing clean the pollution, cleaning the bathroom along with a soft brush to gently scrub wove. Repeat several times until the dye dilution, while paying attention to the pollution has rich foam,, this will allow improved staining for general staining can be completely removed. Push scrub not avoid fabric fuzzy.

b.5 drops after half a cup of hot water to reconcile Lijia, before cleaning with a brush at staining until light brush until the stain, then routine treatment.

Six white plush cleaning methods

First computer bag clean cleaning by conventional cleaning methods, and then use the net collar mild solution, then wash again the soft part; when to pay attention to the soft part drying up; in case of rainy weather, it is best to use dry machine. When cleaning plush parts again, with a mild solution of soap, detergent solution can be mild, but through long-term accumulation of experience found the net in the collar to keep color fresh, avoid fading, the relatively better than other detergents clean, so it is still proposed multi-net with collar.

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